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PRINOTH announces support to Hoola One project

Project aims at cleaning the Hawaiian beaches of plastic pieces

Granby, Qc (October 10, 2018)—PRINOTH is proud to announce its financial support for a team of 12 future engineers, whose final project aims at stopping ocean pollution using a tool entirely conceptualized in Sherbrooke. PRINOTH accepted to support the group as a way to contribute stopping the plastic pollution currently striking around the world.

Stopping oceans’ pollution

Preoccupied by this threat for the marine and terrestrial ecosystems, a group of 12 students from the Université de Sherbrooke in Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada decided to create a machine prototype that could collect plastic particles mixed to sand and rocks piling up on Kamilo beach in Hawaii which is unfortunately getting more and more plastic trash. The prototype they designed will work by separating the plastic parts from sand using the density of the diverse components.

The plastic pieces are often too small to be handpicked and represent 90% of the 20 tons of plastic that accumulate on on the beach of the south-eastern Hawaiian coast

The plastic bits, tiny particles that were formerly part of plastic-made objects, mix with the beach’s sand. Then, animals confuse those indigestible objects with their usual food. Those pieces of garbage fill their digestive system and end up poisoning them. Moreover, some debris contain toxic components, which manage to concentrate into the food chain threatening numerous species.

Each member of the Hoola One team invested time and efforts into delivering a working prototype.

Recently, the Ocean CleanUp organization has been in the news a lot, encouraging citizens and businesses to fight against ocean plastic pollution and reducing plastic consumption. Their actions really show how innovation can help reverse the current environmental situation. This organization’s initiatives have greatly contributed to bringing awareness to ocean pollution and they aim at cleaning up of the Pacific Ocean using a special tool designed to collect plastic pieces in suspension in the water[1]. Hoola One was greatly inspired by the Ocean CleanUp and has found its own unique way to help out by cleaning the beach’s ecosystems and ensuring a healthier environment. Hoola One’s prototype launch can be considered part of the global awakening towards our planet’s future.

PRINOTH is not only proud to help out the future workforce, but we are also excited to sponsor a sustainable development and environment protection project . PRINOTH promotes innovation that allows for extraordinary projects enhancing global improvement and youth implication to materialize great ideas! PRINOTH is glad to support Hoola One and their project, especially since our expertise lies in unusual projects and conditions!

[1] www.theoceancleanup.com/about/

Source principale de l’article: hoolaone.ageg.ca