Best Prepared for the Future

In order to be able to defend and strengthen its role as market leader and, with the spirit of innovation and courage, to open up new dimensions in slope technology, PRINOTH is intensely occupied with the topic of innovation.

But what changes – which trends and megatrends – characterize our present, and what conclusions may be drawn from them for the future?

To solve the puzzle of the future, PRINOTH organized an innovation workshop with the Zukunftsinstitut (the Future Institute), one of the most influential think-tanks in European trend and future research, and the team from the IAK, the Institute for Applied Creativity.

Together, trend corridors were identified and hypotheses for the future were drawn up, from which innovation ideas were derived, in order to be able to best continue to satisfy the customers of tomorrow.

The fact that in the future, the industry will be placing greater and greater value on “eco-action”, ecological action in the sense of environmental protection, is already known. But how to react? With a Zero Emissions Vehicle, such as a vehicle free of harmful exhaust?

The future is multifaceted and leaves a great deal of room for creativity. PRINOTH will follow the megatrends, and with forward-looking innovation and production management, it will fulfill the customers’ wishes of tomorrow and continue to stand by their side as a competent partner!