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A remote-controlled BRUDER LEITWOLF

A remote-controlled BRUDER LEITWOLF

“Just like the real thing,” is the slogan of the toy manufacturer BRUDER. This company’s working machines, which are produced with great attention to original detail, and yet are at the same time robust, are received with great enthusiasm around the world. And not only by children...

Alexander Hössl, a paramedic from Vienna, has already awakened many BRUDER toys to “remote-controlled life”. When he realized that the Franconian company was going to put a PRINOTH model at 1:16 scale on the market, it became clear to him that it must be converted to remote-control!

“BRUDER products are exceptionally suited to conversion because they are robustly constructed. The LEITWOLF was very easy to transform,” said Alexander. When I found that there were as yet no conversion kits for this vehicle, I set myself the goal of making as many as possible myself. I began with the drive undercarriage. I took the measurements and drew the model on the computer in 3D. Now I could adapt the parts and prepare them on my CNC milling machine. For propulsion, I decided on small geared motors, which were built lengthwise in the direction of travel and transferred power to the drive wheels via cone gear wheels,” he explained.

On his YouTube channel Alexander documented the progress of construction and immediately gained enthusiastic encouragement from many fans and other hobbyists, who took his project as an example. “I was contacted by several model builders as to whether I could make parts for them so that they too could convert their own BRUDER LEITWOLF,” said Alexander. “Of course, it makes you very happy to receive such queries, because it shows that, in converting such a project, you have not only pleased yourself.”

Alexander responded to requests for further plans in connection with PRINOTH and/or BRUDER with a definite Yes. “BRUDER vehicles offer an outstanding basis for conversion. If my LEITWOLF works well, I can imagine building a winch machine - fully functional, of course.” So we can look forward to that!

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