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Beach restoration in Florida

Beach restoration in Florida

When it comes to off-road jobs, the PANTHER series is surely the most productive… even when it has its two tracks in the sand!

Beaches in Florida are usually really attractive. However, after multiple hurricanes hit Florida’s East Coast these past years, their beaches suffered and lost a lot of their charm due to powerful winds which made the sand fly away. Following these events, the Florida State Government decided to restore all of Florida’s East Coast beaches.

This 23-million dollar project involves around 30 trucks that bring sand to the coast. Then, tracked vehicles are needed to deliver “new” sand to the beaches to minimize ground pressure. This is why Florida State Government consulted PRINOTH’s dealer, Multi Machine, and decided to use six PANTHER T14Rs. These vehicles were chosen over other brands for their low ground pressure, but also for their high speed and incredible payload, as well as their exceptional reliability.

The vehicles have been working on the site for 5 months and the project is far from done. Florida State is thinking of bringing two more T14Rs on site to increase productivity even more!

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