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Contamination control with PRINOTH

Contamination control with PRINOTH

Marabù is a name that makes every Cuban flinch. It concerns an imported plant that has overgrown so much in large parts of the country that over 2 million hectares are affected which translates into one-third of the arable land. The “mimosae” plants were imported from Africa in the 19th century and have spread massively. Meanwhile the best areas for cattle breeding and crops have been affected. It went so far that Cuban President, Raúl Castro, declared in 2008 that food security was a matter of national security.

In order to eliminate the plants permanently, all growths must be torn out including the roots. For normal tractors this is almost impossible because of the thick hardwood undergrowth.

PRINOTH stepped in when others had given up.

Exactly 13 PRINOTH Biomass Harvesters are now being used in the Ciego de Àvila Region to overcome the epidemic. With the aid of the PRINOTH RT400 carrier vehicle and a RF800 clearing cutter, lanes were mulched free, so that utility vehicles could reach the operation site. PRINOTH vehicles have thus provided a possible solution in the battle against Marabù growth for the first time in 30 years! 10 people are in the field operation, among them several PRINOTH mechanics and technicians who manage and supervise the project.

Two-fold benefit

What no one had expected even a few years ago is that thanks to the new solution with the PRINOTH machines, the Marabù plant has, in fact, turned out useful! The biomass from the imported species of weed is harvested with the PRINOTH Biomass Harvester BMH480 and burnt in the sugar industry to obtain processed heat. This fuel replaces imported heavy oil.

Advantages at a glance:

+ Recovery of the overgrown areas

+ Cost savings from the no longer needed heavy oil

+ Marabù is a renewable resource and therefore a CO2 neutral fuel

+ Acquisition of usable agricultural areas

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