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Hoola One Project

Hoola One Project

There are many great things about our company - first and foremost, great people. Great people who want to give back and do more. Our North American head office is a great example of that sharing value and didn’t hesitate when it was recently approached by a group of 12 future engineers from the university located near-by; Université de Sherbrooke, Canada, for financial support. Only, we didn’t just grant them financial support, under the umbrella of two employees, PRINOTH also supported the group by providing coaching in both engineering and marketing, pushing the project and the team to another level!

Beach cleaning on a grand scale

We are always on the look-out for innovative projects so it was very exciting when we were approached by this a group called Hoola One. Their project: to bring a machine onto the market that will free Kamilo Beach in Hawaii from the plastic waste that has accumulated there. Similar to the Ocean Cleanup Program, for cleaning the Pacific Ocean. The students had first thought of a rubber track machine so they approached PRINOTH. Through coaching from Alain Chabot, Product Manager, who assisted them in their design review, they realised their first idea wasn’t viable. They continued to search and eventually came up with the idea of a trailer-type machine that separates even the smallest plastic bits from the sand through a density-separation process.

A good project deserves good marketing

Once their idea was set, it was time to talk about it! Marie-Élaine Dion, PRINOTH’s Tracked Vehicles Marketing Manager, helped them rethink their website approach, their social media messaging, even their launch event material to create an impactful communication. Even though it was the environmental concern that first led PRINOTH to support Hoola One, the most motivational for both Alain and Marie-Élaine was definitely the human aspect and connection!

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