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For Therese and Gene Dayton it's all or nothing at all! They have been running the Nordic Center in Beckenridge, Colorado, with a lot of passion since 1969. What began as a ski school for differently abled children and athletes is now much more than that. The Beckenridge Nordic Center also includes the complete care for all aspects of cross-country skiing (repair, rental, waxing...), guided ski and snowshoe hikes as well as the organization of special events. In the hand-built wooden log cabin called "Oh, Be Joyful" there is also a Black Forest style tavern.

For decades, the Daytons have relied on the performance of the PRINOTH HUSKY. "This piece of equipment truly heralds the 21st century. It performs better than any other groomer we have ever driven or tried. It was tested on the highest mountains in High Country, in all snow conditions and with precision technology,” say the Daytons. "The HUSKY is by far the best snow groomer we've ever owned and used for cross-country skiing." The Daytons are not only convinced by the pure performance of the HUSKY, but also by the cost-efficiency and the PRINOTH service. “With the HUSKY, our work has become much more efficient – operator training has been streamlined, the spare parts supply is running smoothly and the maintenance and service options offered by PRINOTH are excellent,” enthuses Gene Dayton. "Not to mention the best-in-class cross-country ski trail the HUSKY leaves behind.”

They are two genuine HUSKY fans! At the "Oh, Be Joyful Lodge" there are numerous PRINOTH products for sale - but the favorite object is undoubtedly the HUSKY. “We have it here as a demonstration object for interested customers. Of course, with or without a passenger cabin,” smiles Therese Dayton.

With so much enthusiasm, there was soon a new concept idea with the HUSKY as protagonist: Adventure safari trips through the Beckenridge Woods in the passenger cabin! So much passion is contagious: meanwhile, brides and grooms also get a taste of an extravagant wedding. The hackney carriages through the town center seem to be yesterday's water under the bridge....

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