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PRINOTH achieves top results with CLEAN MOTION

PRINOTH achieves top results with CLEAN MOTION

They are getting more and more powerful, maneuverable, and versatile – and they are raising the bar in terms of efficiency and environmental protection too. PRINOTH snow groomers are the perfect solution wherever technological requirements and respect for nature are particularly important. The CLEAN MOTION corporate philosophy strikes an ideal balance between performance and environmental awareness, and helps ski area operators optimize their operating costs.

Reduction in emissions thanks to innovative engine technology
Consumption and operating costs are more than just basic economic factors as far as PRINOTH’s snow groomer customers are concerned. That’s because an ever-greater number of winter sports enthusiasts, other visitors to ski resorts, and lift companies want to be sure that the facilities they use are operated in an environmentally responsible way that protects the natural surroundings. At the same time, however, ski slopes are still expected to be prepared to absolute perfection. The companies that operate winter sports facilities are increasingly using state-of-the art machinery to showcase their credentials and boost their image. PRINOTH is now the first manufacturer in the world to offer snow groomers with engines that meet the strictest current exhaust emission standard and also reduce emissions by as much as 91%. Groundbreaking technology and wide-ranging services help ensure that PRINOTH vehicles can be used sustainably in natural environments.

More with less
CLEAN MOTION by PRINOTH is a pioneering corporate philosophy based on the principle of “More with less,” which ensures top results all round – and not just in terms of performance. On top of this, it is not only synonymous with low energy consumption and a “zero emissions” vision but also creates vehicles boasting excellent performance, a long service life, and efficiency. PRINOTH is thus setting new standards in terms of performance, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. “More with less” means achieving greater sustainability, efficiency, performance, and productivity while reducing emissions, fuel consumption, and operating costs.

Higher efficiency and lower consumption with SNOW HOW
However, CLEAN MOTION doesn’t just involve offering the latest technologies – it’s about using them too. To help optimize the work procedures required for preparing slopes, PRINOTH has developed the analysis and consultancy program SNOW HOW, which provides the ideal tool for enabling ski area operators to deploy their snow groomers efficiently and effectively. The combination of innovative snow groomer technology and high-tech product knowledge, which is passed on to customers as part of the SNOW HOW concept, paves the way for clean and sustainable slope preparation.

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