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Stronger together

Stronger together

Passo dello Stelvio – an international destination

The popularity of the Passo dello Stelvio ski resort, one of the last summer ski resorts in the Alps, located north of the Ortler-Massiv at a scenic altitude of between 2760m and 3450m, is a testament to the successful cooperation between PRINOTH, Passo dello Stelvio lift company and the Boardercross Team Italia. Two feeder lifts and four ski lifts provide access to the ski resort, with its perfectly prepared slopes that draw an international crowd, as Umberto Capitani, Director of Passo dello Stelvio lift company confirms: “Passo dello Stelvio began in the ‘50s as a ski resort as ski sports developed around the world and became an international hub for anyone practicing the sport.” Numerous athletes have made use of the optimal training conditions offered: “Passo dello Stelvio is a reference point for national teams,” which leads Capitani back to PRINOTH’S technical developments, “Our cooperation with PRINOTH has certainly also strengthened those in international teams who always have the opportunity to train under optimal conditions.”

The Boardercross Team Italy: perfect training conditions for success

The Italian boardercross team has been training on the slopes of the Stilfser Joch from June to November for about 15 years. For several seasons now, the preparation for competition by the team, who has now reached a very good ranking, occurred in cooperation with PRINOTH, because the prerequisite for excellent training is a slope that is precisely tailored to specific requirements. “PRINOTH’s support on site is fundamental for the preparation and construction of the trails,” emphasizes Luca Pozzolini, trainer of the Boardercross Team Italy. “Ten years ago, what can be done with PRINOTH vehicles today was impossible. Together with the PRINOTH team, we determine the structure inside the cabin, such as the length and width of the jumping ramp and landing area and other characteristics." So, it's no wonder that other teams want to benefit from the same optimal training conditions. “Since PRINOTH has been cooperating with us on the Stilfser Joch, word has spread,” reveals Pozzolini. "Almost all teams at European level have used our trail.”

PRINOTH is offering individual Operator Training on the Glacier at Stilfser Joch: the PRINOTH X Camp!

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