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LEITWOLF – a name that evokes associations: of power and elegance, of strength of character and independence, of mysterious closeness to nature and unattainable sovereignty.

The PRINOTH LEITWOLF does not bear this name for nothing. In 2000, the first of its kind was born and immediately found its natural habitat: the leader of the pack! Already the ancestor of this snow groomer cast all its competitors in the shade and even today the LEITWOLF is still unrivaled.

Engine: MTU, six-cylinder diesel engine with 390 kW/530 hp and 2,460 Nm of torque - extensively tested. Unsophisticated experiments are out of the question for us! Only when technology defeats the wind, snow, rain and ice, when it passes the baptism of fire on a steep mountain, when it proves to be worthy of the best in its class - only then is it ready for the LEITWOLF.

POWER tiller: Outstanding performance combined with simplicity - that's the definition of ingeniousness, that's the definition of the PRINOTH POWER tiller. Its simple, low-maintenance design is robust and resistant. At the same time, it creates a lasting, precise slope pattern with a deep, fine-grained tilling result.

Parallel offset: One of a kind and exclusive in the world: by PRINOTH! With the patented parallel offset of the tiller, the LEITWOLF can do more than any other: even when driving at an angle, it can keep the finishing comb parallel to the direction of travel, exploiting the entire width of a slope.

MASTER blade: In the tactically balanced angle, the broadened blade cuts effortlessly through ice and snow. The ideal shape allows the snow to roll loose in the blade, reducing the amount of force required. Easier climbing ability and greater thrust are the result.

Comfort: PRINOTH operators are the focus of our attention - the central seating position provides the best overview of the LEITWOLF's territory. The 8.4” color display puts all the necessary information into focus. And the multifunction joystick makes it possible to control all main vehicle functions with one hand.

Design: A sports car needs the dynamic elegance that only an experienced designer can give it - whether driving on the road or in the snow. Pininfarina designs vehicles for Ferrari, Maserati and PRINOTH.

The PRINOTH LEITWOLF has proven itself on the slopes of this world and earned the trust of the most prestigious ski resorts. With its superior and extensively tested technology, it convinces every skeptic. A LEITWOLF does not make empty promises, but clear statements.

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