PRINOTH Service – Highly competent and always available

Daily contact and ongoing training mean that our worldwide service partners can guarantee expert support and technical help during inspections, repairs and maintenance work.

Maintenance and check-up

Trust is good, control is better! The preconditions for cost-optimized snow grooming is proper maintenance and rapid vehicle repair. Cut your operating costs through early fault diagnosis and thereby increase the lifespan and reliability of your vehicle. We offer quick and reliable service to ensure that your snow groomers are 100% ready for use this winter.

Availability and quick help on site.

We are available every day of the week throughout the winter. Flexibility is our first commandment. However, service during the winter season is not the only factor in snow groomer reliability. Inspections before the winter season, carried out by our specialist personnel, are also very important. These can shorten downtimes and reduce potential problems during the winter as well as all the other associated costs. One more reason to use our expert services.

The availability of our service technicians and technically-skilled contact partners means that we can fulfill all your specific requirements. Our field personnel are located in centers from where they can reach clients immediately without delay. An emergency hotline ensures the availability during holidays. One further significant point is the extensive range of equipment carried by our service vehicles. Our service technicians have with them the spare parts and special tools required to provide any on-site help.