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White Industries Ltd main supplier of FIS Course Design & Building – Since 2016

About White Industries Ltd
Involved in the winter sports of Snowboarding and Skiing and specializing in the sports of Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross, White Industries Ltd has taken part in executing some of the largest events within these disciplines. White Industries Ltd and its team members have had a big hand in evolving snow sports with over 20 years of snow construction experience. They are always looking to the future and continuously trying to bring new ideas forward in order to fuel the growth of the sports of which they are involved in. They have integrated full 3/D design technology; have over 50 World Cup building experiences and PRINOTH snow groomers to create many of the biggest venues on the whole planet.

  • 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018 Winter Olympics
  • 3 World Championships
  • 40+ World Cup Venues
  • 10+ Terrain park building

Jeff Ihaksi, President of White Industries Ltd and Nick Roma, Director of Operations
“Our partnership with PRINOTH is something we are very excited to grow. Building World Cup venues requires the best equipment available. PRINOTH has been a leader in snow groomer design, innovation and Freestyle terrain building. We are excited to share our World of Ski and Snowboard Cross construction with them. We love sharing our building needs with PRINOTH to help developing the best pushing, shaping and finishing snow groomers available.”

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