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Extreme conditions, extreme performance

Arctic winds, extreme cold, mountains of ice and snow - the weather conditions in Antarctica are extreme and often unpredictable. Distances in similar conditions become endless crossings that demand the absolute best equipment to be mastered.

PRINOTH has modified its ANTARCTIC snow groomer for these exceptional challenges. Despite the weather, the ANTARCTIC is reliable, day in, day out. It is an efficient and reliable partner for people working in a sensitive environment who want to leave the smallest possible

Equipped with special adaptations, such as the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), greater fuel capacity
for longer distances as well as adjustments to the driver cabin for better ergonomics and more storage space for long journeys, PRINOTH has molded the ANTARCTIC to be the most versatile and reliable snow groomer that can operate in such a challenging region as Antarctica.

Numerous safety features offer the driver of an ANTARCTIC the unique feeling of having the most capable and reliable partner for applications in this region right by your side. For more safety and visibility, the lighting has been adapted to the difficult weather conditions and the high-contrast vehicle color provides for better visibility on the terrain. Additional safety features for the driver and vehicle include the integrated snow melting system, UV protection on the windows, an extremely cold-resistant windshield wiper system,
a windproof door locking and field securing points for dangerous terrains.

Mammoth tasks require plenty of space! Compared to other snow vehicles, the ANTARCTIC offers maximum load capacity to be optimally prepared for Antarctic excursions. Three different platforms are available, with or without front blade for a variety of applications. All this makes the ANTARCTIC the safest and most powerful solution for the diverse challenges in the eternal ice.


  • Integrated in the vehicle
  • Cold start at extreme temperatures as low as -50°C (-58°F)
  • Operated with the same fuel as the groomer
  • At least 4 kW of additional power
  • Heating of critical systems
  • Power for accessories and additional equipment
  • Reliable support in case of emergency