With dozens, often hundreds of tasks a week to manage in a ski resort, current solutions using messaging services telephones or radio communication have their limitations. Who has completed what, when was it done and what else is there to do are questions asked on a daily basis. Task Manager quite simply takes the work out of managing your tasks, keeping you up to date at all times and giving you peace of mind that your operations are running smoothly

✓ Overview of all tasks in ski resort

Whether it’s repairing a fence, coordinating tasks for a sporting event, or even seeing how many hours your team has worked, task manager gives you an overview of what needs to be done, lets you assign jobs and see what has been completed.

A popular feature of Task Manager is the map view of your ski resort. This plots the assigned tasks to the location they need to be completed at letting you see exactly what needs to be done and where. Take the stress out of managing your tasks with Task Manager.

✓ Push notification

Never forget a task again. With the push notification feature enabled, your team will recive an alert to their cell phone as soon as the task has been assigned. If the deadline for the task is overdue a reminder will be sent to the assigned person. Additionally, you will receive a notification when the task has been completed. Again just another feature designed to make your work day easier.

✓ Activity analysis

Improve the time it takes to complete tasks and your resource allocation. Task Manager provides reports on completed tasks, whether for individual jobs or tasks for a specific event, see who has completed which task and when. Moreover, to get an understanding of how long it takes to complete tasks, the report shows the length of time from when it was assigned to completion.


Task Manager
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