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HUSKY Transport Cabin

A genuine showstopper.

PRINOTH has developed the most luxurious and comfortable passenger transport cabin in the industry. This use of superlatives is entirely justifi ed: the 360° window in this innovative panoramic cabin, which is designed by Pininfarina, allows passengers to enjoy a fantastic view. This type of transport opens up whole new prospects – and it’s great fun too.

A real highlight

Anyone looking for the best solution for transporting visitors up into the mountains and bringing them safely back down to the valley again need look no further than the new passenger transport cabin from PRINOTH. It is so modern, comfortable, and attractive that the real difficulty will probably be persuading guests to get off ...

Equipped with a Akja-mounting system and retractable steps, the transport cabin offers convenient access to the vehicle’s interior for up to nine passengers, who can also enjoy optional Webasto cabin heating, privacy glazing, leather seats, and air conditioning. The ski rack attached to the side can hold a maximum of ten pairs of skis and two snowboards, ensuring that they do not get in the way while they are being transported.

And: it is ROPS certified!

The best thing about the new transport cabin, however, are actually the mountains themselves, with the glistening snow and the breathtaking view down into the valley. Passengers can experience all this up close thanks to the all-round glazing.

HUSKY Transport Cabin
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