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Rear attachments

For a high standard

The NORDIC LINER consists of two track setting plates, each with its own tiller, which can be attached behind the HUSKY’s main tiller. In order to accommodate varying topographical conditions, the right-hand plate can be adjusted, so the distance between the two track setting plates is infinitely variable. The option of single tiller use is a further advantage. Since the track setting plates and the tillers can be used independently, the use of the tillers can vary depending on the requirements and the condition of the cross-country trail. If a slope has already been prepared and only a cross-country track needs to be treated, then the vehicle's tiller can remain inactive, thereby saving fuel. If the cross-country trail is still in good condition and just needs to be re-treated, then the track setting plates can be activated without the tillers, giving lower fuel consumption and higher speed.

The shape of the track setters allows snow to be compressed, thereby creating a durable cross-country trail. The trails will be well-compressed offering perfect conditions for cross-country skiers. Details >

An additional spraying beam can be mounted on the tiller. An external water supply injects water into the ground. This helps to prepare the perfect racing piste.

The smoothing board is perfect for use when there is a lot of new snow on flat pistes. The smoothing board gives the new snow a clean surface without any active drive. This means that the vehicle has more power at its disposal. The smoothing board can also be used at the same time as the passenger transport cabin.

The versatile trailer hitch attached to the rear mounting frame can also be used as a towing mechanism.

The preparatory work and/or adaptation of the rear mounting frame for snowmobile track equipment is quite simple. These adjustments to the vehicle mean that snowmobile tracks can be groomed to a high standard.