Fleet Management

Everything at a glance:
simple visualization in intelligent data processing

The Fleet Management Software developed by PRINOTH is invaluable when it comes to managing slopes and vehicle fleets. Precise data collection and exact vehicle monitoring allow for workflow optimization and efficient route planning, and consequentially, resource and cost savings and increased efficiency.

All the information can be accessed via a single user interface. This eliminates the need to switch between different programs and at the same time ensures a continuous workflow – even when connecting with the Snow Measurement software from PRINOTH and Leica Geosystems.

Cost saving at a glance

Efficient management requires proper information: vehicle status, working time, position, speed, and motor and vehicle figures, as well as the winch status, tiller and lighting. All of these are transmitted in real time and displayed in PRINOTH’s own “SNOW HOW” software.

The first major advantage is noticeable upon set up. The customer neither has to install a local server nor save and transfer the data, meaning he can focus completely on managing his fleet.

Monitor ALL vehicles on ski resort

The added bonus: not just snow groomers, but also Snowmobiles, ATVs, motor vehicles, etc., can be fitted with the fleet management software. This means that a ski resort’s entire fleet of vehicles can be monitored and holistically managed and optimized.

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  • Completely new software and user interface
  • No additional costs for servers, maintenance or data transfer
  • Extremely user-friendly and uncluttered interface
  • Data transfer in real time
  • Simple visualization of the most important figures and the option to analyze data
  • Functions for targeted planning and cost reduction
Fleet Management - Catalogue
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