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Operators trained according to your particular needs
with Individual Operator Training from PRINOTH.

Both theoretical and practical training are adapted to the individual operating area. The aim is to: Improve effectiveness and efficiency in the long term.

The training in detail:

The THEORETICAL TRAINING takes place on the vehicle type which will be used and focuses on the principal aspects of:

  • Vehicle concept
  • Switches and functions
  • Operation
  • Daily and “proper maintenance”
  • Operating fluids
  • Greasing points

The PRACTICAL COMPONENT consists of individual training with a dedicated instructor in the actual area of operation of the operator concerned, using his vehicle, and covers the following aspects:

  • Vehicle performance
  • Maneuverability
  • Climbability
  • Undercarriage
  • Working with the blade (cutting angle, targeted movement of snow)
  • Working with the tiller (revolutions per minute, contact pressure, floating position, counter pressure, effects on the tiller: swing-out or parallel offset, cutting angle)
  • Working with the winch (traction force, automatic or manual mode)
  • Tips and tricks