SNOW HOW: Snow Measurement

Exact measurements for perfect slopes

Developed in collaboration with Leica Geosystems, the world’s leading specialists in measuring technology, PRINOTH’s satellite-based snow measuring system guarantees efficient snow management enabling an optimal use of resources for ski resorts. Based on the tried-and-tested Leica iCON Alpine system, the software has been specially adapted for snow conditions. A 3-D model of the snowless terrain is the basis for the exact measurement of snow depth.

  • PRINOTH Snow Measurement exact measurements for perfect slopes
  • Snow depth measurement using the blade and vehicle regardless of the vehicle speed
  • Triangular mesh for a precise model of the terrain
  • Provides precise data with a +/- 2 cm accuracy
  • 2-antennae GNSS system
  • 3D modelling of given topography
  • Data security on a single external server
  • Dedicated display screen in the vehicle: individualized display
  • “Points of interest” can be inserted
  • Real-time data sharing between the snow groomers


  • Focused and optimized use of the snow
  • Snow measurement over the entire speed range of the vehicle
  • Most accurate measuring system on the market (triangular mesh)
  • Extension of the ski season through optimal relocation of snow resources
  • Improved slope quality
  • Factory installation or simple upgrade
  • Cost savings


Straightforward and clear visualization are at the heart of the PRINOTH Snow Measurement system: The precise snow depth and the profile of the terrain are shown in real time on a monitor installed in the snow groomer. The operator can thus immediately examine the data that has been prepared in real time while preparing the slope. The result: Optimization of snow management from production to distribution and up to the time of preparation.


Experts from Leica Geosystems equip the vehicle with a 3D display, two GNSS antennae and a Leica GPS Symbol 80-GNSS receiver. The experts will, if necessary, install a reference station, activate the system and instruct the operators. PRINOTH vehicles can be ordered factory-equipped with the Leica Ready Kit while vehicles from other manufacturers can be equipped locally.



The digital terrain model forms the basis of the snow park design. 3D CAD software is used to design a snow park, which is then placed on top of the underlying topographical characteristics of the area of the slope to be used. This makes it possible for snow park experts to design every conceivable detail of the park, giving consideration to all aspects of safety and the area on which it is to be built. The digital models are then uploaded into the iCON Alpine System of each snow grooming vehicle ready to use in the snow park for construction and daily maintenance. Displayed on the Leica screen, they provide the operator with precise deviations from the target topography of the snow park.


The 3D digital models combined with the Leica iCON Alpine system in the snow groomer guarantee the quick construction of the snow park as well as its optimal maintenance by improving safety, quality and profitability. They guarantee high efficiency in terms of snow and resource management. PRINOTH SNOW HOW ensures that efficiency is not only obtained at the start of the season, but throughout, with precise planning of the available snow inventory.


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