A forward looking corporate philosophy

CLEAN MOTION by PRINOTH is a pioneering corporate philosophy . They are getting more and more powerful, maneuverable and versatile – and they are raising the bar in terms of efficiency and environmental protection too. PRINOTH snow groomers and tracked vehicles are the perfect solution wherever technological requirements and respect for nature are particularly important. CLEAN MOTION by PRINOTH is a pioneering philosophy, which is not only synonymous with low energy consumption and sustainable environmental protection but also creates vehicles boasting efficiency, excellent performance, and a long service life.

New standard in terms of performance, sustainability, and cost effectiveness
PRINOTH is the first manufacturer in the world to offer snow groomers and tracked vehicles with engines that meet the “Stage IV/Tier 4 final” standard, the current benchmark for the cleanest exhaust emissions in mobile machinery - for example the models LEITWOLF, BISON, HUSKY, PANTHER and RAPTOR offer more engine power and higher torque while reducing exhaust emissions by up to 91 percent.

ISO certification
Energy efficiency, resource conservation, waste reduction and environmentally friendly production processes are firmly embedded in PRINOTH’s company policy. The ISO 14001 certificate proves that PRINOTH has an effective system for minimizing its environmental impact and is therefore making an important contribution to sustainable environmental protection.


  • sustainability and environmental protection,
  • economy and performance.

New Engine Technology for

  • fewer emissions and
  • more performance.

Perfect Consultancy Services for

  • more efficiency and
  • less costs.


Sustainability - Overview 2020
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