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This model is set to redefine the standards for tracked dumper productivity & cost effectiveness

Powering Productivity

With considerable manpower, effort, research, and an eager ear to the wants & needs of our customers, PRINOTH set out as its objective the creation of new benchmarks for crawler carrier productivity. PRINOTH’s innovative R&D gives the PANTHER T7R a payload capacity on par with the industry, and an overall speed that literally leaves the competition in its tracks. Unmatched performance and industry-standard payload capacity means the PANTHER T7R can boast a 31% superiority in overall productivity, once again burying all challengers.

Ownership Made Easy – Affordable Excellence.

This machine offers an enviable low cost of ownership, boasting great advantages for owners. For one, this model’s fuel autonomy is considerably superior and easily allows contractors to work through a whole day, even a long one, without needing to refuel. Additionally, the vehicle is also under 95 in wide (under 2.5 m), which complies with standard transportation regulations and thus saves companies money and makes transporting the vehicle from one site to another much easier. Owners of the new PRINOTH T7R will benefit from best-in-class productivity levels.

Visibly Safer, Obviously Better.

The PANTHER T7R widens PRINOTH’s comfortable margins of safety through the constant revaluation and evolution of our design and ergonomics. Its unrestricted cab views will provide safety and security for operators and other workers on the jobsite. Driver comfort and ease-of-control directly impact maneuverability and safety, so like our entire model range, the T7R also includes a combined pedal & steering wheel thus adding a level of intuitive operation that adds security to everyone in, and out of the vehicle.

PANTHER T7R Spec Sheet
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PANTHER Series Brochures
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