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February 2022: PRINOTH has extended its carrier vehicle product portfolio by launching the new RAPTOR 100

PRINOTH’s new RAPTOR 100 is a powerful remote-controlled carrier vehicle. Combined with the mulcher (M450h), it is highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications and areas: mulching brushwood and branches in rough and inaccessible terrain, maintaining green spaces and forestry work, working on steep ground and at the edges of roads and paths, and working on sensitive surfaces without causing undue damage.

Its rugged, compact design and low weight make it quick and easy to transport to its place of use.

Good clearance, low ground pressure, wide rubber tracks and the ability to lift its mulcher to 600 mm mean it can process almost any terrain.

The width of its running gear can be adjusted between 1,200 and 1,600 mm. This allows the RAPTOR 100 to move along narrow, steep (up to 45 degree) pathways where larger vehicles can’t go. An automatic, hydraulic, maintenance-free chain tensioning system prevents the tracks from coming off.
The RAPTOR 100 is equipped with a powerful and efficient 75 hp Deutz engine and a CLEANFIX reversible fan. Its hydraulic system consists of three separate systems for propulsion, working and power hydraulics.
Operator safety is paramount. All of its functions can be conveniently controlled using an ergonomic remote control with a range of 100 metres.

The RAPTOR 100 offers durability, performance, versatility, reliability, safety and flexibility in daily forestry operations and landscape maintenance...