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We are happy to announce a new product of our new mulcher generation, the M450.

This is a machine, available in different width classes and therefore made for different carriers. The narrow variant with 1900 and 1600 mm working width particularly made for skid steer loaders. The quick attach system makes it easy to fit and the variable displacement motor keeps it adaptive to all the different flow rates. The M450h is the lightest mulcher in the market and carries very easy. Further than that the center of gravity is very close to the carrier, so that is easy to handle. The wider type of this product has a working width of 2700mm and is particularly designed for snow groomers and in a mechanical version also for tractors. All this combined with our AHWI cutting technology and the new UPTs generation creates a never seen innovation in the mulching industry. The mulcher can be equipped with sharp teeth or carbide tip teeth and therefore be adapted to the individual needs and jobs of the customer.