Biomass Harvesting

The processing of biomass energy is increasing constantly and now represents a significant part of the energy supply. Our products, however, differ from conventional biomass harvesters.

Biomass is now used almost exclusively for thermal energy generation and therefore for heating and electricity and heat production using power-heat cogeneration. Common methods and formats include energy crops, pellets and woodchips, using the intermediate step of gasification if required. A multi-stage process chain is often required for these formats, which we avoid with our technology.

For example, it starts with felling and moving the trees before they are further processed to woodchips and before they can be transported elsewhere. Our collecting mulchers can be used equally to harvest standing and lying forest trees. The biggest advantage is that the biomass can be harvested row-less with no manual preparations. No matter whether you are dealing with forest resources or secondary vegetation such as bushes, nothing will be an obstacle for our technology.


  • Row-less collection of material
  • Service life
  • Efficiency
  • Made in Germany