Our rotovator create the best conditions for new plantations, even in difficult soil. In one single step, reduce root stocks and waste timber in the soil, loosen the soil and work in the organic material.

When processing forestry, agriculture or infrastructure areas, the use of our rotovator can pay dividends. For example, when clearing or re-cultivating plantations, they can often help avoiding the labor and machine-intensive removal and disposal of rootstocks. The shredded material from waste wood and rootstocks is mixed into the soil and reintroduced into the natural cycle. This creates a loose, homogeneous and nutritious soil - essentially, this is the most natural, sustainable and cost-effective method of fertilization.

The soil can be tilled and loosened up to a depth of 50 cm, depending on the machine.

Indeed, barely any significant alternatives that have a similar beneficial effect on the environment. The conventional method is to tear up the rootstocks with diggers or bulldozers, which seriously damage the soil structure and still require the disposal of the rootstocks. Depending on the region, they are either buried or burned, which causes further environmental damage compared to the environmentally friendly rotovator.


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