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PRINOTH & SNOW Operating

Partnership for Terrain Based Learning Programs – Since 2016

Under this new Partnership SNOW Operating will work with PRINOTH on the improvement and development of snow groomers designed specifically for the needs of building and maintaining their Terrain Based Learning features. The scope of the agreement is at a worldwide level for both companies.

SNOW Operating has chosen to work with our smallest snow groomer the NEW HUSKY due to its power, agility and ability to work in the tight spaces they often encounter during their builds. Because of this, it makes for a much more efficient use of man and machine hours. “Snow Operating’s Terrain Based Learning methods are having a fundamental impact on the way ski resorts teach skiing and snowboarding. As such, this partnership positions PRINOTH at the heart of how the ski industry is growing the sport. In the long term, everybody wins: PRINOTH, Snow Operating and the ski industry.” Charles Blier, Sales Vice-President, North America.

About SNOW Operating
SNOW Operating’s mission is to help increasing the industry conversion rate for new skiers and snowboarders through process-focused design and management services and its industry-acclaimed Terrain Based LearningTM Program. Terrain Based Learning is a proven methodology and comprehensive process redesign that improves guest experience and increases resort’s conversion rates for first-time ski and snowboard guests. The Terrain Based Learning programs are designed to guarantee success and sustain results season after season.

Joe Hession, CEO for SNOW Operating
“We are super excited to be working with the PRINOTH Team. We have always been fans of their products as well as their commitment to the industry. Their desire to work with us to develop a vehicle that is focused on the beginner experience is a testament to that commitment. We are definitely honored in their interest in partnering with us to work toward this end”

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