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2016 Ski Flying World Championships at Kulm

This winter, PRINOTH is once again making sure conditions are perfect for the Ski Flying World Championships.

As the world’s top ski jumpers prepare to take off from the ski flying hill at Kulm in Styria between January 14 and 17, PRINOTH’s snow grooming vehicles have an important role to play. For many years, the Ski Flying World Championships Organizing Committee, led by former ski jumper Hubert Neuper, has been relying on the expertise provided by PRINOTH. Three LEITWOLF snow groomers are used to ensure that the snow layer covering the hill’s long out-run is absolutely perfect. This involves detailed work that is crucial for minimizing the risk for the athletes during landing and in the out-run. Lots of high-tech equipment is used for this. A special 3D model of the Kulm terrain without any snow cover provides the basis for accurately determining the snow depth and the amounts of snow required. To do this, PRINOTH works with Leica Geosystems technology, which uses GPS to enable extremely precise snow depth measurement. Based on these values, the LEITWOLF snow groomers then work on the snow layer until it corresponds exactly to requirements. Head of the Organizing Committee Hubert Neuper is extremely pleased with this partnership with PRINOTH and the expertise the company offers: “We benefit hugely from the high quality of PRINOTH’s snow grooming vehicles and the possibilities they provide for innovative solutions. After all, we need top quality in any snow conditions.”>>