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The digital transformation of ski resorts

PRINOTH and DEMACLENKO bundle their software in one platform

When experts in snowmaking and snow-groomer specialists work together, top-of-the-line, tailor-made technologies for tomorrow’s efficient ski resorts are the result. The combination of DEMACLENKO’s Snowvisual snow-management software and PRINOTH’s Snow How software for fleet management and snow measurement provide customers with a greater technological edge in 2018.

Efficient workflow on the slopes, maximum product performance and optimal use of available resources are key factors in a ski resort's profitability. One software program that provides ski resort directors a comprehensive overview of data and reports offers a clear competitive advantage. The newest project carried out in partnership between DEMACLENKO and PRINOTH deals with exactly that: Through the combination of both companies’ software solutions—Snowvisual from DEMACLENKO and Snow How from PRINOTH—a unique pool of information is obtained to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire infrastructure.

The advantages are obvious: Whether controlling the snowmaking system, managing the snow groomer fleet or viewing the 3-D snow measurement system, everything is centrally available and can be accessed using the built-in user interface. This has a positive impact on reducing operating costs, as well, as workflows and resources are better planned and monitored.

There is a special bonus as well—third party snow guns and snow groomers can be paired with the open platform, and snow mobiles, for example, can be added at a later time. The software is tailored according to the individual needs of customers, making it an important tool for optimizing operations.

The cooperation of two leading brands has brought snowmaking, slope and fleet management to a new level. Customers benefit from double the expertise from two companies, who are paving the way toward the digitalization of efficient ski resorts of the future.

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