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Opening of the TerraXcube Climate Chamber

in Bolzano on November 30th

The South Tyrolean scientist from Eurac Research team and Arno Kompatscher opened the Eurac doors to the public – what was the surprise? A PRINOTH LEITWOLF!

For many years and months, the Eurac Reseach team has been working towards this moment: on November 30, the time had come! Governor Arno Kompatscher and participating scientists and representatives of the NOI Techpark in Bolzano ceremoniously opened the TerraXcube in the morning. The name TerraXcube stands for a climate chamber that can simulate all climatic conditions from subtropics and Antarctica to extreme regions of up to 9000 meters altitude. An early Christmas present for science, research and business! Since it makes it possible to carry out tests in all conceivable climatic conditions. How does the aspiring extreme mountaineer's organism react to 45 days at 6000 m altitude? Which grape variety will thrive best in the South Tyrolean climate in 20 years? Will the new windbreaker from the Bolzano sportswear manufacturer keep you warm even at wind speeds of 30m/sec? Moreover, how do motor oil and other liquids behave in the PRINOTH snow groomer at -40°C and 9000m altitude? In the future, we will have the answer thanks to the TerraXcube - and we will be able to fine-tune our technology even more.