Know where and what your vehicles are doing at all times. With our fleet management system we give you the big picture helping optimize your operations both in terms of costs and hours worked. Fleet management works with all of the vehicles in your fleet whether snow groomer, snow mobile or transport vehicle and gives you peace of mind.

✓ Everything under control

Ever wondered why the fuel consumption seems to be higher in one season compared to another? Or maybe why more hours have been needed to do the same task. What about the total number of hours your vehicles have been working in a day, week or month. Fleet management gives you the best overview of the vehicles and their operations whenever you need to know

✓ Operator protection

For the safety of operators, fleet management tracks and records operations of your vehicles. In a snow groomer this means the ability to log all safety precautions of the machine.

Accidents can happen, but with fleet management operators have peace of mind in knowing that all precautions can easily be shown at the click of button.

✓ Knowledge transfer

One of the biggest challenges in managing a team of snow groomer operators is keeping everyone up to speed. Save time and money through easy knowledge transfer. Whether its training new operators or sharing information with an existing team, fleet management keeps your operators up to speed at all times.


Fleet Management
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Customer Feedback

Florian Eisath, CEO Carezza Dolomites

Florian Eisath, CEO Carezza Dolomites

"We have been looking for something like this for a long time. This will be our future. A system that is easy to use, easy to understand, precise in its application and strong in data collection and statistics. Here PRINOTH once again shows its visionary customer-oriented solutions, which will be necessary for a positive development of future ski destinations. Thanks to PRINOTH's fleet management, we were able to reduce fuel consumption by about 20%, for example."

Ken Mack, Snow Surfaces Manager Loon Mountain Resort

Ken Mack, Snow Surfaces Manager Loon Mountain Resort

"We are using Fleet Management, and Snow Measurement. Both are a daily addiction of mine, In Fleet Management I can replay the previous night’s grooming operations and tweak operational procedures and immediately see what is completed and When. I use the Snow Measurement data in all snowmaking decisions during the resurfacing and patch work efforts. No more guessing and anecdotal decisions where we need snow… It’s all there in color right on my desk top!"

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