Whether for a fleet of snow groomers or just one, maintenance overview ensures a vehicle’s service is never overdue, makes repairs easy and helps avoid waiting on the arrival of needed spare parts.

✓ Easy communication of repairs

Take a picture of what needs repaired with a cell phone, upload it to maintenance overview—job done. Whether from an operator or technician to technician make the communication of repairs easy with Maintenance Overview.

✓ Never miss a service step

See all maintenance steps on all vehciles throughout the whole season and year. This gives the technician an overview that previously was not possible. It takes the work out of the organisation, ensures a service step is never missed. Furthermore, because the maintenance steps are connected to the live working hours of the vehicle, it is always up to date.

✓ Better planning

Make last-minute orders for spare parts a thing of the past. Knowing what service steps need to be taken and when means parts can be ordered in advance helping to ensure that the snow groomer is fully functional at all times.


Maintenance Overview
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Customer Feedback

Mark Winkler, Managing Director 3 Zinnen Dolomites

Mark Winkler, Managing Director 3 Zinnen Dolomites

"The Skadii Maintenance Overview is easy to operate, and that’s a big advantage. It meant we could get everyone at the company working with the same new program right away. Combined with the Skadii App, you can look into maintenance stages wherever you are, even without internet, and then get on with them – it’s a massive help, especially in the workshop. I’ve got clear oversight of all of our maintenance stages, including those that are not yet due – wherever I am, and at all times. It helps me plan jobs and resources more effectively."