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Reliable, maneuverable, efficient

Versatility: in the preparation of slopes, parks, cross-country ski and snowmobile trails, and in passenger transport

The HUSKY, a versatile and ingenious vehicle packing plenty of power, boasts dimensions of 5110mm x 2445mm x 2655mm (201 in. x 96 in. x 105 in.) and is powered by a four-cylinder engine generating 231 HP (170 kW). Complying with Stage V/Tier 4 final exhaust emission standards, it is ideal for use at smaller ski resorts, parks and indoor ski slopes due to its low emission values and extreme maneuverability. It is also popular for use in preparing snowmobile trails and cross-country ski trails and yet it is capable of so much more: Transporting materials and people in difficult terrain is a breeze thanks to the HUSKY.

Cabin Comfort

Operation has never been as easy. The PRINOTH CONTROL UNIT with its 12” touch-screen display, ergonomic operating positions, and joystick in joystick function enables easy and efficient handling—helping to create the perfect finish.

In the tracks of perfection: Cross-country ski trails with the NORDIC LINER

The NORDIC LINER from PRINOTH is especially versatile and easy to use. Its two track setting plates and tillers can be individually activated.

From luxurious to practical: The new passenger transport cabin

With its optional passenger cabin, the HUSKY safely and easily transports up to nine passengers with skis or a European pallet of material to the desired location. The passenger cabin’s panoramic glass windows enable panoramic mountain views while the leather seats, heating and climate control ensure maximum comfort. Designed by Pininfarina, the PRINOTH passenger cabin is also aesthetically attractive, transforming any excursion into an unforgettable outdoors experience. Whether optimally grooming the slopes or transporting passengers in luxury, the HUSKY does it all.

The agile & flexible park expert: The X-version of the HUSKY

With an increased vertical blade movement, up to 19˚ (8˚ up and 11˚ down) more than on a standard unit, the HUSKY X allows better control over the creation and maintenance of jumps, landings and other park features. Adapted hydraulic pumps ensure optimal response of the blade for that precise maneuverability every park operator is looking for. The HUSKY X is undoubtedly the most agile park builder in the industry.

Taming the snowmobile trails: The ideal task for the HUSKY

In its snowmobile trail groomer configuration, the HUSKY shines by providing the ideal work tool for preparing and maintaining snowmobile trails. The HUSKY’s narrow width, exceptional torque and comfort features combined to the array of trail grooming accessories that can be added make it the perfect machine to handle any snowmobile trail system out there.

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