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PRINOTH and Carezza Dolomites proudly present:

PRINOTH and Carezza Dolomites proudly present:

The Carezza ski resort is home to celebrities: it is the realm of King Laurin and the home of the mermaid of the Karer Lake of the same name. Furthermore, the ski resort is where PRINOTH Snow Princess Martina Blaas is active.

Piste preparation is now as always a job for the men: powerful machines, steep inclines and night work are maybe not attractive to every woman. But one woman has no such fears: Martina Blaas is Italy’s one and only female snow groomer operator! Working her PRINOTH HUSKY, she prepares the cross-country trails and pistes of the Carezza ski resort.

She got the taste for it from a friend some years ago - he himself is a snow groomer operator, and often took Martina with him and sometimes let her drive herself. Martina contracted the bug at once! She has been working at the Carezza ski resort for two years. Her PRINOTH vehicle was personalised shortly after her arrival by her colleagues: the HUSKY now has pink rear-view mirrors - following the style of her pink finger nails, which she wore in her first working days at the Carezza ski resort.

PRINOTH and the Carezza ski resort are proud to support Italy’s one and only female snow groomer operator.

Martina’s colleagues in Carezza are a truly committed team and support each other in whatever way they can. PRINOTH vehicles are the Princess’s first choice - manoeuvring the blade and the tiller, the steering wheel in her grip and the indicators in sight and deciding in a moment how much snow per minute the blade should shift, all of which takes only a short time to get used to with PRINOTH. In 2017, Martina had already proved her abilities in the PRINOTH Cup in Ratschings.

Individual operator training for Martina

But of course, there are always tips and tricks as to how one can better handle the snow groomer. For this purpose, Andreas Silbernagl, one of PRINOTH’s driver trainers, explained to Martina on 20th October, on the glacier on the Stelvio Pass, the refinements of the snow groomer. The PRINOTH LEITWOLF particularly attracted her. Andreas focussed his training precisely on Martina’s questions, her knowledge, and the requirements of her daily work. Martina’s employer, the Carezza ski resort, lays particular emphasis on sustainability and safety, in order that the visitors may enjoy carefree pleasure in skiing on perfect pistes. Here the snow groomer operators can achieve much if they have the correct know-how - Andreas explained to Martina the characteristics and capabilities of her vehicle, and showed her how best to use it on the pistes. Our Snow Princess in the realm of King Laurin is now perfectly prepared and ready for the next ski season!

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