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About 10 years ago the Ski Cross Elite faced the spectacular Haunold course in the ski area Drei Zinnen Dolomites for the first time. Meanwhile the pre-Christmas double World Cup has become a cult. Always in the game: the PRINOTH snow groomers.

From 21 to 22 December 2018, everything in San Candido once again revolved around excitement, action and speed for two days as the world's best skiers fought for victory in daring overtaking manoeuvres on the famous San Candido track. PRINOTH operator trainer Andreas Silbernagl and the shapers of noTeam skicross from Austria were responsible for the construction of the obstacle course with numerous jumps, bumps, steep and negative curves.

San Candido relies on the proven

One of the highlights of this year's event was the Ski Cross course itself. According to the motto "Preserving the tried and tested", the track, which was popular with athletes and spectators last year, was rebuilt almost 1:1; only two elements were specifically redesigned. This precise procedure was made possible by PRINOTH's unique SNOW HOW software. Thanks to the history data of the snow depth measuring system by Leica Geosystems, a digital model of the previous year's route could be created using 3D CAD software and the elements newly designed in summer together with F-TECH Snowparks could be added.

Efficiency gain through SNOW HOW

These innovations not only meant that, for the first time, it was not necessary to fly in a route builder and designer of one's own, but the many other advantages of PRINOTH technology were also evident.

Gabriel Fauster, Secretary General organizing team Ski Cross World Cup San Candido:

"I am convinced that thanks to the technologies used, we have been able to work many times more efficiently than in recent years. Thanks to the SNOW HOW software we could save a lot of machine hours and fuel. In addition, the snowmaking could be planned more precisely and the operators and shapers could be used exactly for their respective area. Altogether, everything was much more plannable and relaxed; this should be the way for the future.”

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