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M650h on Barko in USA

We are happy to announce, that we installed the first M650h on a Barko 930 in the USA.

The M650h is a dedicated mulcher of the latest technology and design findings. It therefore is lighter in weight than comparable machines from other manufacturers, as it has a well designed structure for the most possible stability. The heart of this mulcher is our new UPTs teeth generation, that combines 25 Years of AHWI experience and the latest findings in cutting efficiency. It meets our high standards of shredding quality, cutting efficiency and is perfectly in balance – even after changing teeth.

Our new mulcher line-up M650, M550 and M450 is completely at the latest technology in terms of driveline and cutting and wear.

Therefore every of those models has bolted replaceable liners inside the housing to make repairs and rework unnecessary. The optimized center of gravity and reduced weight result in better handling.

We are proud to have the most advanced mulcher line in the market!