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AFTER SALES Training schedule 2020

PRINOTH in theory and practice

Almost more important than the purchase of a forestry machine is its maintenance. Only when a machine is regularly and properly maintained, a perfect mulching result is guaranteed.

PRINOTH offers regular training on the product portfolio

In a theoretical part, the training participants are taught tricks and finesse around the respective PRINOTH product (RAPTOR or mulcher). A distinction is made between basic training to learn the basic functions of the machines and advanced training, in which the technology is examined in greater depth.

The disassembly of components as well as the error analysis and presentation of efficient processes are examined in the practical part of the training. Machine use in the field is also indispensable for a well-founded PRINOTH training.

Maintenance tips and useful operating instructions should not be missing, nor should the exchange of technical details and insider knowledge during joint activities of the participants.

The current schedule for 2020, such as the RAPTOR 800 training in June, can be found here.