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Official statement by Åre 2019

Partnership with PRINOTH key to excellent base preparation at Åre 2019

Offering the best possible conditions to the world’s top racers is the main mission of Åre 2019. Thanks to excellent support from PRINOTH, one the leading producers of snow groomers in the world, Åre 2019 competition management was able to prepare an excellent base which now ensures good slope conditions despite the challenging weather.

The snow cats from PRINOTH are well-known worldwide and associated with leading edge technology in snow grooming and tracked vehicles. In the ski business, PRINOTH stands for excellent performance, efficiency and reliability.

In Åre, the organizing committee for the 2019 Championships has benefited from a total of 17 PRINOTH groomers as part of its fleet, as well as 11 winches and six high-quality transport cabins. In addition, PRINOTH is on-site in Åre, providing support with the help of a number of PRINOTH technicians and snow cat drivers, fully integrated in the Åre 2019 slope organization.

Although the Åre team including SkiStar have substantial experience through the organization of more than 100 FIS World Cup events, PRINOTH even helped ran a tailored training program for SkiStar’s operational team in Åre.

The slope operations for the Championships are spearheaded by SkiStar, the Åre resort operator and one of the two owners of the Åre 2019 organizing committee as well as the presenting sponsor of the World Championships. Working seamlessly together, the Åre 2019 sport department and SkiStar have planned and executed a meticulous plan for snow production, base preparation, contouring, shaping and the final touches with injection and watering.

Thanks to the excellent weather conditions in Åre for the entire month of January, the base preparations on the race slope took place in ideal circumstances. The Åre 2019 slope crew is very satisfied with the support they’ve received from PRINOTH during this crucial time for slope preparations.

– We have enjoyed full backing from PRINOTH with their groomers, technicians and cat drivers. It would have been challenging to carry out these Championships without their 100% support which we fully appreciate, said Dag Tjernberg, who is responsible for the snow and slopes at SkiStar Åre.

The base preparation was given an unquestionable thumbs up by the FIS snow consultant Tom Johnston at the official snow control on 21 January. The snow cover and quality were deemed excellent and snow cover more than sufficient.

While the preparation was excellent and praised by FIS representatives, challenging weather conditions have put the slope crew and race management organization to a tough test during the Championships. Heavy snowfall in particular has created massive amounts of work as the snow has had to be removed along the long courses. It is thanks to the outstanding base preparation with PRINOTH’s support that the Åre 2019 team is able ensure good slope conditions despite the challenging weather.

– We are very grateful for the support by PRINOTH to the combined team of SkiStar and Åre 2019 sport staff. They are very competent and have provided knowledgeable service to our team, not to mention the high quality of their products, said Anders Sundqvist, Sports Director at Åre 2019, who added:

– Again, however, the greatest thanks must go to our amazing slope crew with hundreds of volunteers who have kept at it, day after day, for over two weeks now, constantly removing the snow and helping us maintain the slope in superb shape.

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