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Alpine Fire Brigate

Panther transforms itself to help firefighting in Melbourne's mountains

In 2019, GMJ Equipment was looking for new firefighting equipment to help fireman in the mountains of Melbourne, Australia.

There were 3 ski areas that would benefit from this new equipment. The CFA (County Fire Authority) puts 2 engineers on the duty of finding the best possible equipment all around the world to help those areas which are Mount Buller, Mount Hotham and Falls Creek. These mountains carry some unique alpine environment which require unique and tailored vehicles for the task.

These 2 engineers visited several factories and looked at different companies for their needs. They finally stopped their choice on Prinoth crawler carriers to fulfil their needs. Following the advice of those engineers, the CFA purchased 3 customized Panther T6 from Prinoth. Those 3 vehicles were specifically tailored for this high elevation firefighting application.

Essentially, the tracked vehicles were equipped to carry pumps and tools to the mountains and to be connected to water which is also transported to these remote sites.

Prinoth was selected over competitors because of the quality of their build, the fact that Panther vehicles are highly customizable, and the exceptional quality standards applied in the factory while building those great and versatile vehicles.