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What clients say about the new BISON

Interview with operator Espen Børresen

We had a very interesting conversation with the Norwegian operator Espen Børresen. In the interview, Espen tells us about his experiences with the new BISON, about his work as a snow groomer operator and his relationship with the PRINOTH brand.

­For how long have you been an operator?

I have been an operator since 2013 (officially) but was driving a bit here and there some years before that too. I’ve been "into the business" since 2007 when we started the webpage

­Where have you worked in your career?

I have worked in Oslo Vinterpark, now called Skimore Oslo.

What do you do in summer?

For me, driving a snow groomer is part time. I try to do it as much as I can during winter, but my main job is with building road tunnels. I'm a surveyor by education, but it has turned into working with everything in tunnels.

What do you like about the new BISON/LEITWOLF?

I have just driven the new BISON so far, I only had a look at the new LEITWOLF at Owren. What I liked the most with the new BISON is that the blade is much faster than on the old one. It got a nice feel to the hydraulics!

I also find the new screen and menus very intuitive and it’s easy to see the information you want when you want it. When we get one of the new machines I will appreciate the possibility to customize the screen to my liking.

The extra power in the new BISON was also more noticeable than I thought it would be!
The Joystick has got even better than before. It’s very nice to have proportional control on the new joystick-in-joystick and it’s very easy to get used to it. At the moment it is the best joystick on the market for me.

Have you operated also one of our CLEAN MOTION vehicles (LEITWOLF h2MOTION & HUSKY eMOTION)?

I have had the chance to drive the HUSKY eMOTION two times, I liked it a lot! Instant power and quiet, even more than I thought.

What do you generally like about PRINOTH?

What I like about PRINOTH is the way you listen to your customers! When we started in 2007, PRINOTH was always very eager to cooperate, to answer our questions and to listen to what we have to say about the products. I feel that it’s something you have continued to do ever since!

You always feel welcome at PRINOTH, even just as a single operator, not a big company buying lots of machines. That’s very cool! It feels like a short way from "the floor" to the top management.

Also ever since I started skiing in Hafjell in 1994 i have loved the design of your machines, from the T4S to the New LEITWOLF, they look the best in the business!

What’s the most difficult thing about your work?

The most difficult thing about my work is the ever changing conditions. It’s always changing from night to night. In Oslo we have everything from above 0 degrees and rain to -20 and fantastic winter conditions, often within the same month. This really makes it challenging to keep perfect conditions during the season. Moreover we have long opening hours from 10 am – 10 pm weekdays. That’s why we need to do a good job to keep the snow in the right places.

What do you like the most about your work?

What I like the most is to make something that so many people enjoy doing in their spare time. And to be outside in nature, seeing things at night that not so many others get to see: the view of the city and the fjord, animals etc.