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New mulcher excavator attachment

The M450e-900 is a lightweight mulcher for attachment to 6-12 ton excavators.

Weight optimization makes handling a walk in the park. An installed gear motor allows simplified mounting on various excavators as well as rapid changing of carrier units without requiring installation of additional leak oil lines.

The M450e-900 has been in use at Frank Rothmund since December 2016 – a company that provides services in the earthworks, civil engineering, and road construction sector but also deals with gardens and outdoor areas. Rothmund mainly operates in the municipality of Eigeltingen in the German district of Constance. The company attached the M450e-900 to a 6-metric-ton excavator, which helps maintain wooded habitats as well as roadsides and hedges.

“The fact that a service partner was close to our site was a particularly important factor for me,” explained Frank Rothmund. “AHWI Maschinenbau GmbH has a large dealer network both nationally and internationally, meaning it can offer an outstanding service,” he continued. AHWI mulchers, which continued to bear the name AHWI after AHWI Maschinenbau GmbH was integrated into the PRINOTH Group, have been all about innovation and quality for 25 years now. This is once again seen in the latest offshoot of the mulcher series, the M450e-900. “The M450e-900’s stability is remarkable,” added Frank Rothmund. He is delighted with the model: “And to top it all off, the mulcher is exceptionally lightweight, making it unique in its class.”

New mulcher range

The M450e-900 belongs to the new range of mulchers, with which PRINOTH is drawing on 25 years of experience while also considering what the market needs today. Sophisticated technology enables more lightweight machines across the entire range that set new standards in terms of stability. All the new machines can be operated hydraulically as well as mechanically, opening up even more potential areas of use. PRINOTH is working toward filling any remaining gaps in its range of excavator mulchers so as to be able to fit mulchers to any excavator weighing between six and 30 metric tons. However, the new series is also perfect for smaller tractors and skid-steer loaders for the construction industry – with the familiar AHWI quality from Germany included as standard, of course. With not one but two new rotor designs and a wide range of working widths, PRINOTH is thus securing itself a leading position for the years to come.