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PANTHER T16 Dump Body rubber tracks

The T16 dump body version is available with a dump box or a flatbed option on rubber tracks, boasting 15,195 kg (33,500 lb) of bulk load material payload.

Traditionally known as a utility market-type of vehicle, the PANTHER T16 is evolving. The PANTHER T16 is evolving to become the most versatile vehicle in its class. In this configuration, the crawler carrier has a dump box that can contain up to 8.8 cubic meters (11.5 cubic yards) of heaped capacity. Its dump box is lined with Hardox® steel, making it extra sturdy to get the job done. Running on rubber tracks, the vehicle boasts a ground pressure @150 mm (6 in) penetration of 6.87 psi when fully loaded. With a maximum speed of 13 km/h (8 mph), this PANTHER model is sure to increase productivity, regardless of the project.

PANTHER T16 Dump Body Rubber Tracks Specifications
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PANTHER Series Brochure
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