A special PANTHER T16 rubber tracks

One of PRINOTH’s main OEM-partners, ALTEC, just became the first OEM to offer an off-road vehicle with outriggers behind the cab… and of course, it’s a PRINOTH PANTHER. In fact, it is the brand new version of the T16 running on rubber tracks.

The vehicle has many benefits and offers the best off-road capacities in the utility market. For starters, this version of the PANTHER T16 equipped with an Altec DT80 Digger Derrick offers its operator outstanding visibility and provides better angles of attack both in the front of the unit since the outriggers are positioned no longer in front of the cab but behind the cab, and a departure angle superior to any vehicle on the market for this size.

Overall, the unit supplies increased safety and off-road mobility as well as allowing customers to have a winch installed in the front or in the back of the unit without compromising its off-road capabilities.

« The unit is incredibly exciting in terms of innovation and we’re excited to have ALTEC’s unit sitting on a PRINOTH PANTHER T16 Rubber Track. What’s more, the installation of the digger derrick/outrigger package was really smooth since the unit is entirely bolted on and no welding was needed, » commented Amine Khimjee, PRINOTH’s manager on the ALTEC account.

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