Hard as steel with synthetic material

Hard as steel with synthetic material

Impossible? There's no such thing! For a few years now, PRINOTH has been working on a new achievement that promises an exciting alternative for winch vehicles. Together with the Austrian rope manufacturer Teufelberger, the South Tyrolean company has developed a synthetic winch rope for snow groomers that is in no way inferior to its steel comrades. On the contrary, the advantages are obvious.

In this winch cable, there is absolutely no metal part. The core of the new winch rope is made of highly resistant synthetic fibers with a synthetic protective sheath. This way it is able to ensure a traction force of up to 4.5 t, the same as a conventional steel cable. The synthetic rope can be used without any restrictions for all winches that are designed cables with an 11-mm diameter. It is therefore suitable for all new LEITWOLF or BISON models.

The synthetic rope offers a variety of advantages. One of them is the very light weight. If you compare the weight of a 1,200 m long synthetic cable with a steel cable of the same length, you can save more than 500 kg in weight. And of course, this has a positive effect on the snow grower - on the vehicle handling as well as on fuel consumption or efficiency. So, handling is much easier. During servicing jobs, it is easier to carry and replace the cable. Plus, with the synthetic rope there is no wear on the components, no rust and no traces of grease, so no soiling on the vehicle.

Improvement of service life

Another potential advantage of the synthetic rope is its service life. According to the laboratory and rewinding tests done with the rope manufacturer Teufelberger, the cable has a significantly longer service life than a conventional steel cable. For winch applications in practice, the respective slope topography must of course be taken into account, i.e. ground contact on sharp edges or contact with stones, for example.

Some test customers have been trying out the cable already in its third year. As regards the service life, the average values of a steel cable are now approached and the ropes are still in good conditions. Teufelberger has already had very good results with these cables in forestry or in the crane sector. For the cooperation with PRINOTH, it will be really exciting in the following seasons when final practical data will be available and our calculations will be able to prove a much longer service life with real numbers.

All in all, concept of the synthetic cable is apt to be an exciting alternative for customers to provide them with a choice for their terrain.

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