In 2015 the PANTHER T16 was already storming the charts in the furore over the awaited annual list. In 2019 we did further work: the PRINOTH PANTHER leapt forward again and landed at the top of the rankings in Construction Equipment Magazine, one of the most prestigious journals in our industry. The magazine jury selected the PANTHER T7R as Top Product 2019 particularly on account of its load capacity, overall high performance and 360° turning radius. In addition, its sensationally low ground pressure breaks all records.

“We are very pleased to receive this award! To be honoured by fellow competitors in this industry is always a good sign, and confirms us in believing our developments are going in the right direction and the products are appreciated,” said Alessandro Ferrari, PRINOTH Member of the Board. “Construction Equipment magazine is a very well-known publication within the industry and we are pleased all the more to be in their company!”

The PANTHER Portfolio: Efficiency without limits

Not only the PANTHER T7R, but also its companions in the same portfolio come on velvet paws and are particularly sought after in the construction industry for their low ground pressure. The versatile, strong and reliable PRINOTH vehicles are appreciated particularly in energy conservation and in mining. Not least because PRINOTH puts its customers at the centre in developing new product applications. “Our tracked vehicles are very interesting to crane manufacturers who work in mining or in oil and gas exploration. In precisely these areas our vehicles know no limits, and we can configure them exactly according to customers’ wishes. In this way, we respond to our customers’ requirements and, at the same time, create new product solutions,” said Ferrari.


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