Maximum power at your fingertips.

Have you got what it takes to master a snow groomer?

Only perfectly trained operators can guarantee perfectly prepared slopes. They are able to get the best out of the snow groomer and in doing so, can cover more surface area per hour. This, even when the slopes are as steep as a rock face and the weather turns for the worst.

At PRINOTH Academy, we know the challenges of varying weather conditions and snow types. Our experienced training team is as much at home on the slopes as they are on cross-country trails or in a snow park. In our training sessions, we turn individuals and machines into highly efficient units. This allows for more safety, saves times and money and even resources. Our close cooperation with PRINOTH’s R&D teams guarantees state-of-the-art courses.

PRINOTH Academy’s theoretical and practical training sessions are tailored to your particular field of application and your specific requirements. We train your operators on PRINOTH snow groomers at your ski resort and adapt each unit to their skills and needs. Training could not be more individual – whether on our schedule or on your requested dates.


  • Tailor-made and professional operator training
  • Many years of experience in preparing slopes and snow production
  • Mastery of all levels of difficulty of slopes, parks and trails
  • International know-how
  • Proven in use at Olympics, World Cup and European Cup races and other major events

GÓRSKIE Szkolenie dla operatorów