Technician Training

PIT STOP. High in the mountains.

Are you fascinated by snow groomer technology?

A perfectly trained technician ensures that everything runs smoothly on the piste. Only a snow groomer maintained in perfect condition can perform at its best and at full power in the mountains, on the ski pistes or carrying out the many varied tasks our groomers are capable of doing. This allows all of the resources to be used efficiently and helps to keep costs to the minimum.

But knowledge of the specialist technology applied in snow groomers and their accessories does not come by chance, but through the passing on of professional knowledge. We are able to offer specifi c training for your technicians at our headquarters, at our subsidiaries and dealers, or at any customer location and this, either regularly as part of our training calendar or through flexible dates that better suit your schedule.

Technician Training 2022

Leitwolf LT19.-20.09.2022German
Leitwolf LT21.-22.09.2022German
Leitwolf LT26.-27.09.2022German
Leitwolf LT28.-29.09.2022German
Leitwolf LT03.-04.10.2022German
Leitwolf LT05.-06.10.2022German
Leitwolf LT10.-11.10.2022Italian
Leitwolf LT12.-13.10.2022Italian
Leitwolf LT25.-26.10.2022French
Husky HK17.-18.10.2022German
Husky HK19.-20.10.2022German
Husky HK24.-25.10.2022Italian
Husky HK03.11.2022French
Bison BO02.-03.11.2022German
Bison BO07.-08.11.2022German
Bison BO09.-10.11.2022Italian
Bison BO18.-19.10.2022French

If you are interested in participating, please register with the responsible branch office:

PRINOTH Austria: Gabriela Kruder (
PRINOTH Switzerland: Daniela Lutz (
PRINOTH Italy: Sara Erschbaumer (

PRINOTH France: Organises own trainings in France
Contact person Hugues Reffet (