Stopping for a snack from a snow groomer

PRINOTH is bringing culinary delights straight to the piste with its Snowlicious concept

Snow grooming vehicles from PRINOTH do more than simply guarantee excellent slope conditions for winter sports. Starting from this winter, they will also be revolutionizing the traditional refreshment break by bringing the Snowlicious street food concept out onto the piste. PRINOTH is working with Snood Kitchen, a project run by Italian chef Andrea Campi, to convert one of its snow groomers into a superbly equipped mobile kitchen. This will allow Campi, who is as passionate about the mountains as he is about healthy cuisine, to supply exceptional food to hungry winter sports enthusiasts right on the slopes. The menu will feature specialties from the Valtellina, a valley in the Lombardy region where Campi himself comes from.

Fresh pasta, delicious ham, fine mountain herbs, and tangy alpine cheese – rarely have snow groomers given off such irresistible aromas. Mountain-lover Andrea Campi, who also happens to be the head chef at Osteria al Dosso in Aprica in the Valtellina, came up with the unusual idea of serving street food on the piste. As a result, Snood Kitchen (“Snood” being an amalgamation of “snow” and “food”) was born. When it came to putting this idea into practice, Campi’s thoughts immediately turned to snow grooming vehicles.

PRINOTH & SNOOD – two strong brands
PRINOTH and SNOOD, both strong brands, are teaming up to form an exclusive partnership. With its powerful and reliable snow groomers, PRINOTH offers the perfect transport vehicle for the creative chef and his unique kitchen concept. The 360 HP MAN diesel engine can also supply 50 Kwh of electrical energy, enough to power all the kitchen equipment as well as the in-built BOSE hi-fi system – so it can even provide the perfect sound. Although the fully equipped snow groomer weighs more than 11 metric tons, it is still extremely maneuverable. Its wide tracks give it stability on any surface and prevent it from sinking into the ground.

Snowlicious: A culinary concept about to hit the slopes
This winter, PRINOTH and Campi are set to launch a joint project called “Snowlicious.” Inspired by the food truck concept, the Italian chef and his team will be able to use a snow groomer to cook up dishes in even the most unconventional places, but always in close proximity to a piste. Campi is very keen to use fresh and authentic ingredients from the Valtellina to create top-quality street food with a difference.

The Snowlicious concept is available to rent for events, or even to buy for permanent use. Snowlicious is being unveiled at the Expo universal exhibition in Milan, Italy and will make an appearance at various skiing hotspots during the upcoming winter.


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