High-quality transport cabin

The new passenger transport cabin for the NEW HUSKY sets new standards for design and comfort.

The cabin, which boasts the stylish and familiar design from Pininfarina, can transport up to nine passengers reliably and comfortably wherever they need to go – and offer wonderful panoramic views on the way! The cabin also opens up new and versatile application possibilities for the NEW HUSKY.

The cabin’s windows offer a fabulous all-round view, and the cabin itself leaves nothing to be desired in the way of comfort. As many as nine passengers can be seated comfortably on two benches with seatbelts. Excellent lighting conditions are ensured by the panoramic windows on the sides and by two roof windows, one of which can easily be removed to accommodate an air conditioning unit. Interior equipment features include a flexible lighting system, a WiFi hotspot, speakers for the radio, 12-volt power outlets, and a separate heater. In other words, the cabin offers plenty of comfort, even on long trips. The driver can also directly communicate with the passenger cabin at any time.

Practical features
The exterior of the transport cabin also boasts numerous practical details. For example, a retractable ladder ensures easy entry on the driver’s side, which enables the driver to enter the cabin quickly if passengers need assistance. There’s also a ski carrier that can hold ten pairs of skis and functions exactly like the carriers on the outside of ropeway cabins. A rear view camera is mounted on the back of the cabin to ensure a clear view when the vehicle is operating in reverse. Service hatches in the cabin floor enable direct access to the water and hydraulic tanks, which means minor checks and repairs can be made without having to tip the cabin over. With a height of 2.81 meters (9.2 feet), a width of 2.44 meters (8 feet) (between the side mirrors), and ROPS certification for rollover protection, the transport cabin also meets stringent safety requirements.