The LEITWOLF h2MOTION is a concept vehicle that combines performance with sustainability. The hydrogen snow groomer has been developed with two different powertrains—a fuel cell and an internal combustion engine. The hydrogen is stored in tanks that are mounted on the back of the machines allowing for running times of up to four hours. With a state-of-the-art cockpit design and all the best features from our flagship snow groomer the LEITWOLF h2MOTION paves the way for sustainable winter sports.

LEITWOLF h2MOTION with hydrogen fuel cell (2020)

The concept vehicle is the world’s first snow groomer powered by an electric motor that receives its energy from a hydrogen fuel cell. The emission-free machine has an output of 544 hp (400 kW) which is even more powerful than our classic diesel model.

LEITWOLF h2MOTION with hydrogen internal combustion engine (2022)

The world’s first snow groomer powered by a hydrogen internal combustion engine is carbon-free. Being similar to a diesel setup it is very familiar for operators and technicians. The 13 liter, six-cylinder engine delivers 460 hp (338 kW) and 2,000 Nm of torque.