Your tracked carrier with 15,195 kg (33,500 lb) payload capacity

The PANTHER T16 tracked carrier vehicle hauls digger derricks, aerial devices, cranes, drills, and more into the most challenging terrain where ground conditions prohibit the use of a wheeled vehicle. Operators can more easily complete work on rugged terrain as well as in locations that demand low ground pressure and traction. Equipped with the latest microcontroller technology, that monitors everything from oil pressure and vehicle parameters to outside air temperature, the PANTHER T16 is a reliable work tool backed by a powerful Tier 4 Final engine and enhanced safety features.

PANTHER Series Brochure
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PANTHER T16 Implement-ready with Rubber Tracks
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PANTHER T16 Implement-ready with D-Dent Tracks
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PANTHER T16 Dump Body Rubber Tracks
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